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Freshers Interview Questions | Tips for Interview

Tips for Interview

Very Important Tips for Interview

Interview Purpose

The interview is an opportunity for both the employer and the applicant to gather information. The employer wants to know if you, the applicant, have the skills, knowledge, self-confidence, and motivation necessary for the job. At this point you can be confident that the employer saw something of interest in your resume. He or she also wants to determine whether or not you will fit in with the organization’s current employees and philosophy. Similarly, you will want to evaluate the position and the organization, and determine if they will fit into your career plans. The interview is a two-way exchange of information. It is an opportunity for both parties to market themselves. The employer is selling the organization to you, and you are marketing your skills, knowledge, and personality to the employer


Trying too hard to impress; bragging; acting aggressively.

Failing to emphasize the fact that you have related skills; discussing experience using negative qualifiers (i.e. “I have a little experience…”).
Body Language

It is easy to create a negative impression without even realizing that you are doing it. Are you staring at your feet, or talking to the interviewer’s shoulder? Be aware of what your actions say about you.
Lack of Honesty

The slightest stretching of the truth may result in you being screened out.
Negative Attitude

The interview is not an opportunity for you to complain about your current supervisor or co-workers (or even about ‘little’ things, such as the weather).
Lack of Preparation

You have to know about the organization and the occupation. If you don’t, it will appear as though you are not interested in the position.
Lack of Enthusiasm

If you are not excited about the work at the interview, the employer will not assume that your attitude will improve when hired.

Why Rejection?
Keep in mind that rejection is a normal part of every job search. For every position, if 100 people apply, 99 will be rejected. If you are rejected, it does not mean that you are not a good applicant. It simply means that you were not the best applicant for that particular job at that particular time. Don’t get discouraged. Rejection happens to everyone and is not a reflection of you. Consider each new application a new opportunity.

Walt Disney’s idea for Disneyland was rejected by six major banks before being accepted. They said no one would come.

A record company which had the opportunity to sign the Beatles rejected them. They felt that electric guitar music was only a phase.
If you still feel down after rejection then better know this : Failure is secret of Success. Every dog has its own day.

Keep in mind and All the Best. Enjoy the interview preparation at www.freshersinterviewquestions.com.

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Advice credits : http://www.hudihudi.com/placement/importanttips.htm

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